Ski Centre is situated on the northern slopes of the Low Tatras foothils, close to the important road line from Banská Bytrica through Podbrezová, in the direction to Poprad. Ski Centre has 4600 meters of pistes altogether.

Orientation, configuration and exceptional character of the hill with its parameters (approved for FIS races) meet all the prerequisites for quality skiing not only for demanding, active skiers but also for less skilled skiers and beginners.

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Ski resort Chopok south (juh)

Cataster, municipality: Chopok south> Bystrá Dolina, Brezno
Elevation range: 1080 - 2024 m above the sea level

Chopok South (Juh) is a famous and popular resort mainly among those who love free skiing grounds and freeride. It has got wide skiing grounds providing safe skiing in two freeride zones and on further 10 km marked and maintained ski slopes.

The resort CHOPOK SOUTH (Juh) is the opposite pole to the resort Jasná - Chopok North (Sever). It is situated in the Low Tatras on the south slopes of Chopok, in the region HOREHRONIE, in the end of the valley Bystrá dolina, only 9 km from the village Bystrá and 22 km from the town Brezno.

The lifts and cable cars start from Krúpová from the elevation of 1080 m above the sea level and go to Chopok to an elevation of 2004 m above the sea level. The resort Chopok is according to the elevation divided in two parts:
SRDIEČKO (from Krúpová to Kosodrevina) 1080 - 1494 m a.s.l.
KOSODREVINA (from Kosodrevina to Chopok) 1494 - 2004 m a.s.l.

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Golf area Gray bear - Tále

The golf playground is situated in the Tále recreational area, with well-established infrastructure, on the acreage of approx. 60 ha. The Tále golf club is the only domestic club on the Gray Bear golf playground that is the first master golf playground in Slovakia. The playground is 6 266 m long, par 71, holes with par 3 – 5, par 4 – 9, par 5 – 4, SSS is approx. 73,4. Gray Bear is the golf playground which will provide you unusual experience on every hole.

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Tarzánia Tále - monkey track

TARZANIA TÁLE was third TARZANIA build in Slovakia. Located in Tále, close to Hotel Partizán, in areal of minigolf course. Near you can find natural aquapark and golf course. Rope park consists of 23 obstacles in height of 5 to 7 m above ground. There is also children track for the smallest ones so it's ideal place for families with kids.

• Blue track is long 180 m.
• Red track is long 292 m.
• Children track is long 90 m.

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